Single released!

So, yesterday was my daughter’s first day at high school. Wow. And as promised, I’ve just released my first ever single, See You Again. It’s a love song to her, which I wrote earlier in the summer, to mark this milestone. It’s a very personal song which I’d love you all to hear. It’s available now on Google Play, and should appear via other channels (iTunes, Amazon etc) once they have processed it.

Update: Now also on iTunes (UK link) and Apple Music, and on Spotify.

This is a new departure for me; in all my years of musicianship I’ve never taken the rôle of producer before. I’m not actively publicising this beyond those of you I already have a connection with (and therefore see this post). But that doesn’t mean it’s private – please do widen the audience if you like it. And if any of my musician friends have constructive feedback to offer then please do get in touch.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song!