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The process of transforming music from one form into another necessarily involves copying and distribution of both the original and derived material. This means that in order to commission the services of an arranger, mixer etc., you will have to ensure that you are not violating another party’s copyright. If the material you provide is entirely your own work (and nobody else has a claim to it), or is in the public domain, then this is unlikely to be a problem. Other cases may require you to obtain an appropriate licence from the copyright holder. I cannot provide this service.

Please note that you will be fully responsible for ensuring legal compliance, and you will have to indemnify me against the consequences of failing to do so. Given the complexities of copyright law this is the only way it is possible for me to provide my services. Please also note that you will be responsible for paying for my services regardless of whether you can legally use the work, so it is very much in your own interest to get this right.

If you hire me for arrangement work, what you are paying for is the service and my time and experience. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, I will retain the copyright to my own work. It is my policy not to ordinarily grant a permanent exclusive licence for worship music, but where a period of exclusivity is required this can be negotiated. You will of course not lose the right to continue using it when that period expires, only the exclusive use of it. Be aware also that an exclusivity clause in a copyright licence cannot nullify any statutory right that a third party might have to use the work.

Whether the finished work is to be licensed to you, or a copyright assignment is agreed, your rights will only begin when I have been fully paid and all relevant processes have been completed. All drafts are provided only for the purpose of facilitating the creative process and are not to be redistributed.

If you are in any doubt about your legal rights or responsibilities, please consult a lawyer.